Manufacturing capacity


    As one of the professional laser manufacturers in China, Tianchen has a wide range of production bases and has a workshop, processing workshop, welding workshop, painting workshop, assembly workshop, as well as inspection workshop. At the same time, it also has a modern technology center and a professional research team.


    "Meticulous worry-free, strive to make customers satisfied and even touched", this is the premise and ultimate purpose of all our work. Satisfaction starts from solving problems, and affection comes from every detail. Tianchen Co., ltd. has established a nationwide market network and cultivated a high-quality professional team to provide users with all-round services such as consulting and equipment configuration. And for all kinds of large projects, we are ready to solve all kinds of difficult problems for customers and provide overall solutions to win the trust of customers with their own quality and integrity.

    Fiber laser cutting machine production line


    Professional production and processing workshop, we ensure that all production processes are in accordance with strict requirements for standardized production.





    Fiber optic machine inventory, ccessories, etc.