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Sheet laser cutting machine TC-Fseries

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TC-F series laser cutting machine parameters

Product number





Laser power


Processing format

3000mm x 1500mm

6000mm x1500mm

4000mm x 2000mm

6000mm x 2000mm

Maximum acceleration


Maximum moving speed


positioning accuracy






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        1. Heavy-duty plate welding bed 

The bed is welded with a 12mm thick carbon structural steel misaligned honeycomb structure, machined after stress relief annealing, and then subjected to vibration aging and natural aging treatment,
The welding and machining stresses are completely eliminated, ensuring excellent rigidity and high precision of the bed, and it can be kept in normal use for 20 years without deformation.


Carbon structural steel misaligned honeycomb structure welded bed body


Bed modal analysis

         2, cast aluminum beam  
The cast aluminum integrated beam is finished by artificial aging and solution treatment, and the beam rigidity, surface quality and integrity are excellent, and it has good dynamic performance,
Easy to cut at high speed.


One-piece cast aluminum beam


Beam force analysis

        3, key components

Key components are among the top brands in the industry, such as: Yaskawa (Panasonic / Fuji) servo motor, Motoli (Xinbao) reducer, silver (PMI / ABBA) rail,
YYC (APEX) racks, etc., equipped with IPG, Ruike and other lasers.

       4, machine design
(1) The whole adopts the split design, that is, the electric control cabinet is independent of the cutting equipment, which can effectively prevent the heat generated during cutting from being transmitted to the electric control cabinet, and is more convenient for maintaining electrical components.
(2) Increase the dust removal function of the partition, and at the same time, the design of the dust removal protection is more strict, so that the air volume is not leaked and the dust removal effect is increased.
(3) The automatic lubrication system is upgraded. On the basis of the lubrication of the guide rail, the gear and screw lubrication components are added, and the lubricating oil is provided at regular intervals to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment.
(4) The overall design is ergonomic, and the appearance is simple, atmospheric and practical.


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