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Integrated laser cutting machine for tube plates TC-FT series

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(1) The integrated plate and tube can realize the dual use of one machine, which is convenient and efficient. The double-sided drive, combined with the pipe cutting mechanism, automatically and safely switches the tube sheet cutting function.
(2) The key components are imported high-precision reducer, rack and pinion and linear guide rail. The transmission is stable, the speed is fast, and the positioning accuracy is high.
(3) It adopts pneumatic front and rear double chuck mode, which is flexible and adjustable. It can cut and process various pipe materials such as round pipe square tube and increase work efficiency.
(4) Increase the intelligent monitoring system to track the cutting status in real time and reduce the accident rate.
(5) Increase the follow-up system and the automatic patrol system to improve the cutting effect and cutting efficiency.
(6) The overall design is ergonomic, and the appearance is simple, atmospheric and practical.
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