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Sheet metal machining

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With the rapid development of the market economy, the requirements for the speed, quality and economy of fiber laser cutting are increasing. More and more enterprises are adopting fiber laser cutting machines in the process of metal sheet metal processing. The demand for metal processing is increasing, and the electrical control box and machine casing in the metal processing industry are all sheet metal parts. As a result, the complexity of the process is relatively high, and some parts have dozens of processes, in terms of accuracy. Unusually high requirements are placed on sheet metal processing.

Product performance:

1. The assembly process is good, the equipment runs fast, the acceleration is high, and it is stable

2, the selected fiber laser cutter, high photoelectric conversion rate


Applied materials:

sheet processing

As a processing and manufacturing country in the world, China has always attracted a large number of foreign companies to invest. Similarly, the sheet metal industry has attracted a large amount of foreign investment. Since there is a vast market, this requires a high-tech fiber laser cutting machine. High-speed, stable, high-quality laser equipment, steady market demand, and constantly develop laser equipment common to all industries,

For example, carbon steel laser cutting machine, trademark laser cutting machine, etc. It is not difficult to see that high-tech fiber laser cutting machines will also become the main tool for the development of the sheet metal industry.

With the continuous introduction of high-tech laser equipment, the development of sheet metal industry is unstoppable. Under the promotion of fiber laser cutting machine, the prospect of sheet metal processing industry is broad.

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